Pivot Mountain Bikes & RST Vélosports

At RST Vélosports, we offer a full range of Pivot mountain bikes perfect for all types of riding, from cross-country all the way to the toughest downhills.

Since its very beginnings, Pivot Cycles has established itself as an undisputed leader in the world of high-end mountain bikes. Today, the American company is known for its ongoing commitment to research and development, and its collaboration with top engineers and athletes to push the boundaries of performance and innovation.

Pivot Firebird

Iconic models include the Pivot Firebird, a forgiving, easy-to-pedal enduro bike designed to dominate rougher terrain with confidence and stability.


Pivot Switchblade

The Pivot Switchblade, as its name suggests, embodies the ultimate in versatility. With its ability to adapt and deliver excellent performance in all situations, it's perfectly suited to the conditions and networks of Quebec.


Pivot Shuttle

Electric bikes are not to be overlooked with the Pivot Shuttle series, which combine the power of an electric motor and the balance and maneuverability of a traditional mountain bikes, opening up new possibilities for outdoor adventure.


Pivot Shadowcat

The Pivot Shadowcat excels on the most technical descents, while remaining remarkably agile on the climbs. Its aggressive geometry makes it an ideal choice for fast sections and tight turns, where precision and responsiveness are essential.

RST Vélosports has been a proud retailer of Pivot Mountain Bikes for the past 10 years!

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