Price policy

  1. If you purchase an item on RSTVELOSPORTS and find a lower price on our website within 14 days, we are happy to honor the sale price where possible. The difference in price will be credited back to you as store credit in the form of a gift card.
  2. In order for an item to be eligible for price protection, it must meet the following conditions: The item on sale must be the same make, model, year, size and color as the one you purchased. The item must have been purchased at full price price and not have any discounts, discount codes, or promotions applied. Bicycles do not qualify. Shipping costs or labour are not price protected.
  3. Flash sales and exclusive brand promotions that are outside RSTVELOSPORTS control do not qualify. If you receive a price adjust, the items adjusted are no longer eligible for return. We cannot retroactively apply discount codes. We will do our best to honor sales but some brand and dealer agreements may prohibit it. This offer is at the discretion of RSTVELOSPORTS on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Rider Support if you qualify.
  4. Promotional codes only apply to products at regular price, in stock. Products that are not in stock, but available by special order from the supplier, cannot benefit from or be combined with any promotion.